Like-minded family offices share ideas, mitigate risk and co-invest

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Niche. Multi Family Office (MFO) consists of a like-minded group of professional families who have come together to access premium services to support their family affairs, to efficiently structure operational and investment risks and potentially co-invest in institutional grade opportunities.  The MFO selectively manages discretionary portfolios through a digital lens and sophisticated execution process.  Our approach is defined by innovation – embracing transformational change in the way families & businesses interact.

“Through idea generation & information sharing, families co-invest with a real alignment of interest”

Neil Fillary (Founder)

There is a notable trend in family wealth – access to high grade opportunities are skewed according to net worth, disciplined portfolio selection should be made simple from a risk perspective and focus on core family needs are often under serviced.

Niche simplifies wealth stewardship…..

Niche MFO leverages decades of experience in Investment Banking / Management, Corporate Finance Venture Capital, Private Equity & Wealth & Asset Management forming strategic partnerships along the way to support the family’s needs.  We closely analyse the best practices, constantly innovate and scale through technology.

Family Dynamic

Sophisticated Investors and Family Offices increasingly outsource services to professional groups to free up more time.  With Niche MFO’s combined experience in managing assets, risk mitigation and private market access there is a trusted partner to navigate the wealth ecosystem.  Our dedicated team collaboratively curates information, directly engage the principals for complete alignment to efficiently provide customisable solutions.

  • Access to professionally managed high-grade opportunities
  • Industry sophistication with proven track records
  • Dynamic transparency, information sharing & trend analysis
  • Enhanced data consolidation, reports & risk management framework
  • Deliver solutions with precision execution, market leading technology

Niche: Investments

  • Selective Discretionary Mandates
  • Global Diversified Multi Asset Risk Exposure
  • Real Estate, Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Disciplined Portfolio Approach 
  • Digital Technology Mindset

Niche: Private

  • Corporate & Fiduciary Services
  • Financing & Insurance Solutions
  • Succession & Governance
  • Risk Audit, Financials & Balance Sheet
  • Philanthropy & Lifestyle Management

Niche: Execution

  • Risk, Trends, Historical Data & Reporting
  • Bespoke Operational & Investment Strategy
  • Best Execution & Third Party Cost Analysis
  • Principal Capital Often Co-invested
  • Portfolio Monitoring

Get ready for launch.

Join the Niche portfolio of investors, club together in deals, align interest and help to mitigate and diversify your risk.

Niche Opportunities…


Digital asset lifecycle management platform

DACS is a b2b SAAS digital asset lifecycle management platform with enterprise security. Digital assets extend far beyond cryptocurrencies ranging from securities to real estate, art, precious metals, healthcare data and much more.

The opportunity for tokenized assets possesses significant upside potential.  The market requires a digital asset management platform that offers both security and convenience to develop a true digital economy.

dacs is built for institutions from the ground up – combining proprietary software with enterprise grade hardware & security. Shuttle Ventures (dacs seed investor) partnered early on & co-invested with IBM to bring the most robust institutional grade architecture to market. 

Designed by experts with decades of experience in financial markets, technology and cryptography, dacs represents an opportunity to participate in the infrastructure that will underpin the future of global markets.